What causes the accumulation of mucous in the throat?

The mucus is thick and sticky fluid, which sometimes clogs the nasal passages and even the throat. Save Jupiterimages / Photos.com / Getty Images

The mucus is thick and sticky fluid, which sometimes clogs the nasal passages and even the throat. While in the nostrils is easier to remove, throat tends to accumulate causing much irritation.

Mucus production

Mucus is generally produced by the cells lining the nasal passages. On average, the body 1 to 2 liters of mucus per day. This is to keep moist and able to humidify the air is sucked into the body nasal membranes. It also helps in the fight to combat irritants and infections. So where exactly will the mucus? The answer is mainly throat. Mucus in the throat is what gives you the feeling of having phlegm constantly. But how exactly does the mucus when it reaches the throat?


Mucus secretion usually is accelerated when the body tries infection. To remove foreign particles that may be causing the infection, the body uses as a defense mechanism of mucus secretion against infectious attack foreign agents. This causes accumulation of mucus. At this stage, the most accessible outlet for the thickened mucus is through the throat.

irritants and pollution

Exposure to smoke, fog and harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide causes excessive mucus dripping. Also they cause inflammation of the nasal passages and nose, or rhinitis.

Reaction to food

Eating dairy products while suffering conditions as: flu, colds and fever, causes increased secretion of mucus. Allergic reactions to certain foods cause nasal congestion and mucus flowing from the nose into the throat. Consumption of dairy products, wheat and egg can aggravate allergy symptoms. The foods to which you are allergic can lead to excessive secretion of mucus, mucus accumulation, and the dripping or clogging your throat.

Environmental factors

Living in dry areas, or in a dry environment, it causes nasal mucus to thicken and difficult to expel. The same effect is experienced during the winter months when the air is dry and cool. Naturally, it goes into the throat. The accumulation of mucus make it the perfect place for bacteria and other pathogens staying there.

Unhealthy Habits

Mucus in the throat is a common consequence of consumption of snuff and alcohol. Cigarette smoking irritates and inflames the delicate mucous membrane, causing increased mucus secretion. Alcohol and caffeine can also cause the mucus from drying out, in particular that is accumulated in the throat, so it becomes more difficult to expel.

physiological factors

Diseases of the throat and swallowing can also be responsible for the accumulation of mucus in the throat. Degrading control of throat muscles explains why the mucus collects in the throat. If a deviation of the nasal septum is held, which is a condition in which the cartilage that divides the nose into two passages is offset, is a structural problem which causes a change in the flow direction of the mucosa.