How to tell if a pain in the left arm due to a heart problem


A pain in the left arm You can have many causes, from a muscle tear to a massive heart attack. Although it is not always possible to determine whether the pain in the left arm is insignificant or something potentially serious, there are several features that can help you distinguish the difference.

chest pain and left arm

Although it is not always necessary to be alarmed, the combination of pain or tightness in the chest accompanied by pain in the left arm needs immediate medical attention in most cases, it can be difficult to determine if an indicator of a serious event. In some cases it is very unlikely that it is something serious, like the case of a subject of 21 years who has this pain after falling in front during an intense soccer match.

Other symptoms with sore arm

Symptoms related to heart problems sometimes are not clear and some people with severe heart disease never develop chest discomfort. It is even possible to have a heart attack with few or no symptoms. The human body almost never follows the classic description "as a book" of a heart attack with chest pain unbearable, described as "If an elephant sit on the chest". Sometimes less specific symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea, indigestion, dizziness, abnormal sweating or experienced an accelerated rate. If the pain in the left arm is accompanied by any of these symptoms, suggesting the possibility that it is a heart problem.

Reproducible arm pain

The arm pain or pressure caused by mobilizing a typical area is unlikely to be due to a heart problem. Common activities like heavy lifting or moving furniture, they can tear or inflamed muscles or joints of the arm. The pain associated with this type of injury can be reproduced with different simple maneuvers, such as pressing the affected area. The arm pain can also result from a compressed nerve in the neck, and cervical motion can exacerbate the pain. Pain associated with heart problems not usually exacerbated by moving the arm.

persistent pain

If the pain in the left arm persists for a long time, it is unlikely to be related to a heart problem. Some problems such as tendinitis or arthritis Rotator cuff can last for months or even years, so the association of pain with a heart problem is unlikely. The opposite extreme, intense and very rapid pain in the arms also has a probable association with heart disease, especially if it was preceded by a movement of the arm or neck.


If the pain in the left arm worsens with activity and improves with rest, seek immediate medical attention as this may be a fact of a heart problem, especially if the pain is severe and the arm is not touch-sensitive. A pain in the left arm suddenly appear at rest as being watching television, it can also be caused by an unstable heart disease. Finally, if the arm pain is accompanied by any combination of chest pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, faintness, shortness of breath, unusual sweating, abdominal bloating, coughing or wheezing, seek medical attention immediately.