How to unclog ears covered by a cold

Clogged ears can be very uncomfortable. Ear image by Connfetti save from

The common cold can cause dozens of minor irritations from nasal congestion, through sore throats and ending in a painful cough. But one of the most annoying side effects of a cold may be the sensation of clogged ears. This is caused by the uneven pressure in the sinuses. This pressure increase when the membranes swell in the sinuses or ears. Occasionally, the feeling can also be caused by excessive production of ear wax. This feeling in the ears can be disconcerting, but can be remedied by using any of the following techniques. If symptoms persist after trying these methods, you should call your doctor.

Move your mouth. Yawning, eating, swallowing and chewing gum may help reduce the feeling of clogged ears.

Performs a Valsalva maneuver. This sounds complicated but is really only an appropriate name for a simple technique often used by divers or frequent travelers. Inhale deeply, hold your nose and shut your mouth while trying to expel air from the nose, almost as if you will dream nose in your hand. This technique can help relieve pressure in the ear.

Take a shower. Steam can help regulate the pressure in the sinuses, and can also help to reduce any excess wax that can be accumulated during your cold.

Soften excess ear wax with drops for ear wax or a few drops of baby oil. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully if you are using a commercial product.

Lava sinus Neti-pot with. Shaped like a small watering can, this common tool is filled with salt warm water. The pipe is inserted into the nasal cavity, filling the nostrils. Some people find that this helps them to recover from a cold and can reduce symptoms associated ear symptoms.

Use a decongestant or an antihistamine nasal spray to combat further inflammation.