Fitness routine to tone and lose weight

The exercises at the gym can help you find your goals and your plan for the future. Save Jupiterimages / Goodshoot / Getty Images

Work in the gym can improve your level of fitness, develop muscle tone and help you lose weight if you follow a plan. If you go to the gym without a concise strategy, however, you might waste time. Performs an outline of your course of action to include the five components of a balanced exercise routine and your time will be spent well.

The five components

According to, the five components include a balanced routine cardiovascular endurance, strength training, flexibility, strengthening the core and balance. It is not necessary to incorporate the five elements in your workout every time you exercise, but want to make sure that they have been included during the course of several days. From the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines have been established for physical activities that include cardiovascular exercise three to five times a week and strength training twice a week, it's a good time to start.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: cardio

In these three days, you have to use a cardio machine at the gym. A good choice for the beginner to the advanced level of fitness is the elliptical machine. Other options include stationary bikes, steppers, treadmills and stair. Your cardiovascular workout will last 20 minutes. Starts making about 50 percent of maximum effort that you are able, or level five out of 10. It remains in this moderate level for two minutes, then increase both your speed, resistance or inclination to make your exercise more difficult, or level six for one minute. Continues increasing your level of difficulty one minute intervals up to 90 percent of your maximum, then turns back to level six for one minute. When you are in your cycle last interval, or when you arrive at 19 minutes, giving 100 percent of your effort for one minute. Then, take it to a level four for the last minute. You'll have to stay on this level of effort the least enough to return to your normal breathing as soon as possible before the end of your cardio workout time.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Resistance

With a quick, but effective cardiovascular workout, you'll have plenty of time in the gym to focus on endurance training. You want to make sure you include all the major muscle groups throughout the week if not included every day. The main groups are back, chest, legs, abs, biceps, triceps and shoulders. Remember to work opposing muscle groups like chest and back. If there is a possibility that you could lose a day, try to include all major groups every time you exercise you. In addition, you must switch between using free weights and machines greater variety and faster results. Do three sets of weight exercises per muscle group. The first group should be heavy, but comfortable. As it could be a bicep curl 10 pounds. Do 12 repetitions. The second set should be heavier than the first, so you can try 12 pounds, beam 10 repetitions. The third game should be heavier and it must be hard to finish; Do eight repetitions.

Tuesday and Thursday

Some coaches will tell you that interval training burns more calories and others will tell you hard and fast cardio is the best workout to lose weight. Do both and not have to worry. Choose your machine, you must exercise at a level of effort around 75 percent of your maximum capacity for about 40 to 45 minutes with five minutes of cooling at about a level of five of 10. These are good days to make abdominal exercises if you have time in your day interval. Use a stability ball to do 25 sit-ups, four times, for example. Spend at least 10 minutes after your workout doing stretching sessions.

Saturday and Sunday

Take Saturday to enjoy an activity with your family or to have fun. Do something that raises your heart rate, but may not consider it a workout. Consider skating, dog walking or cycling. And on Sunday, let your body rest. Your body needs a day to recover so that you can continue your accelerated toward meeting your fitness goals step.