What does the tingling in his left arm?

The tingling in his left arm. Save Arms stress image by Madguy from Fotolia.com

The arm tingling, also known as paraesthesia, is dysfunctional operation nerves in the left arm. Often, people do misdiagnosis of this symptom as something that can be ignored.


The tingling in his left arm could indicate a symptom of stroke. Look for signs of severe headaches, slurred speech, visual distortion and poor coordination.

Heart attack

If you feel tingling on the left arm accompanied by chest tightness and pain in the jaw, call 9-1-1. These are symptoms of heart attack.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

If your occupation includes extensive use of fingers and hands, tingling in the arm can be caused by blocked circulation due to a nerve in the wrist, a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. Office workers, mechanics or musicians constantly grasping objects usually experience this disease.

Blood flow

Clothing, jewelry adjusted and poor sleeping position can restrict blood flow. People also describes the symptoms of this type with euphemisms such as "my arm is asleep". Uncomfortable sleep or poor posture causes this tingling arm.


Tingling sensations in the left arm occur if you suffer from some type of vascular problem, which constricts blood circulation. People suffering from diabetes, muscular sclerosis and migraines also experience tingling sensations.


Do not ignore the tingling sensations in the left arm and be sure to contact 9-1-1 for symptoms of stroke and heart attack.